scion-of-oona exsanguinate crypt-ghast scavenging-ooze yawgmoth-thran-physician the-gitrog-monster demonic-consultation solemn-simulacrum umezawa's jitte thoughtseize sphinx of the steel wind sakiko, mother of summer mana-crypt asceticism beast-within arctic-flats mana-drain quietus-spike sylvan-library time-of-need merfolk3 cavern-of-souls boreal shelf force-of-will tresserhorn sinks sakura-tribe-scout platinum-angel snow-covered swamp crop-rotation snow-covered plains tangle misty rainforest sakura-tribe elder solemn simulacrum garza zol, plague queen flooded strand shizuko, caller of autumn misty rainforest ophiomancer kaseto, orochi archmage jace, the mind sculptor dreadbore tarnished citadel snow-covered mountain mold adder birthing pod shisato, whispering hunter botanical sanctum rashmi, eternities crafter neheb the worthy council's judgment snapcaster mage joraga treespeaker vendillion clique sylvan library deathrite shaman birthing pod adarkar wastes aluren flooded grove liliana the last hope ohran viper polluted delta seshiro the annointed patron of the orochi underground river demonic consultation mtg unearth tamiyo, the moon sage havengul lich soul of the harvest vessel of endless rest temple garden godless shrine plow under ashes to ashes mtg capsize ancient tomb temple of the false god sphinx of the steel wind animar, soul of elements doom blade batterskull edric, spymaster of trest mtg wild dogs gorilla shaman spike weaver garza zol, plague queen contagion engine counterspell merfolk sovereign, lord of atlantis, coralhelm commander karakas mirri's guile cursecatcher, merrow reejerey, silvergill adept mtg fabricate oblivion stone tolaria west muddle the mixture avenger zendikar coalition relic mutavault tectonic edge mtg wasteland price of progress kiki-jiki, mirror breaker academy ruins acidic slime vines of vastwood mtg snuff out mulldrifter soltari priest, soltari monk, soltari champion, soltari trooper kederekt leviathan mtg animate dead steel overseer fauna shaman sword of fire and ice horde of notions karmic guide umezawa's jitte mtg conflux noble hierarch rite of replication corpse dance argivian archaeologist vedalken engineer duplicant leonin abunas memnarch hanna, ship's navigator rakka mar mtg wasteland metalworker metalworker inkwell leviathan goblin charbelcher sundering titan master transmuter disciple of the vault disciple of the vault goblin lackey relic of progenitus oona, queen of the fae sword of fire and ice sphinx summoner arcum daggson white knight noble hierarch reliquary tower oona, queen of the fae raven's crime raven's crime mtg plains oblivion ring ancestral recall proxy timetwister proxy